Sugar Detox 2016!

Who’s ready to DETOX?????

DID you know SUGAR is as ADDICTIVE as CRACK! That’s right, cocaine baby! Are you addicted? Are your kids addicted? Did you know that it’s in almost all processed foods and that it causes weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, feeds cancer cells, depletes the body of essential minerals and vitamins, and suppresses the immune system?

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Join me & let’s get that crap out of your home, live healthier and feel better! 🙂

What will this cleanse entail?

~ Daily Support/Encouragement
~ Pantry cleaning tips
~ grocery shopping tips
~ label reading tips
~ healthy recipe replacements (dinner’s/lunches/snacks for kids!)
~ Healthy Valentines DAY treats recipes 😉
~ Healthy Eating 101 – What’s a Wholefood Lifestyle look like?
~ Social Situations — how to deal & stay strong!
~ Education about Young Living’s Oils & Supplements that can help support you in lessening sugar cravings & detoxification.

Who’s in!!!!?????? RSVP to join this cleanse HERE – it’s free!!
30 DAYS starts Feb 1st! Are you ready???