What to Pack for your Young Living Vendor Event

So you’re loving your oils and you want to share them with everyone! Love it, Share it!

A great way to share your love of Young Living is through a vendor event. With the fall season, there are many events coming up. People are excited to start shopping for Christmas and are especially excited about products that will support their health throughout the holidays.

Here is my list of everything you need to pack to have a successful vendor event without going crazy.


Absolutely bring your PSK with a diffuser. You want people to see exactly what they would get! 


If you’ll have access to electricity bring an extension cord and a power strip so you can plug in your diffuser and a laptop.


It’s a good idea to have a laptop or other mobile device so people can signup right away online! If they walk away they usually will never do it on their own. Always bring the paper version for signing up too. These are great if the internet doesn’t work or they’re in a hurry and don’t want to sit at a computer for 15 minutes. Then you just take the paper home and enter all the info in online later that day. The paper signup document is in our facebook group files section.


People don’t want to stay at your booth long. The best thing to do is get their contact information so you can follow-up later. So have a drawing for something. Maybe a citrus oil, a DIY item you made, an enrollment voucher, etc. Then have them fill out slips of paper with their name and info (we have drawing entry form in the files section). “The fortune is in the follow up!” So head home and contact all those people offering to teach them a class, 1-on-1 meeting, etc.


A lot of people will want to just grab your info to look up more later. It’s also a good idea to have a list of your upcoming classes that they could attend. If you don’t have business cards, you could either print some on templates that you can buy at an office store; or just have your contact info on some oily-info handouts. It is also a great idea to set-up early so you can go around and introduce yourself to the other vendors and give them a biz card since they won’t get to see your booth during the event!


We have created a 4×6 info sheet for each oil in the PSK. Print these either on paper or photo paper (they print to fit on 4×6 photos). I like to line them across the table and set each oil bottle on top. Then guests can easily open the bottle for a sniff while reading about its benefits.


Don’t be the expert. Bring along some great reference books, printed word documents, graphics from the YL Member Resources, etc. to easily answer questions for people. I have a few copies of my favorite graphics and the bullet point so if people signup they have information to take home right away. It is great for them to have something to reference when they get their kit, so they don’t forget everything they learned from you.


You don’t need to go crazy here, but a little color can help draw attention. I like to bring a chalkboard to write things on, a wooden crate to create some height, some color printed graphics (I always have the Head to Toe graphic from our files section to answer questions), and my cardboard towers that describe oils (sold by YL). I also bring other popular YL products like the Thieves cleaner, toothpaste, and Ningxia Red. I choose to also bring a roller bottle, V-6, capsules, a glass spray bottle, and glass drinking bottle so I can show them all the ways we use the oils!


These are dependent on where your event is. If it’s outdoors you may want to bring a pop up canopy to protect from the sun or rain. Also check with your event coordinator to know if they are providing tables and chairs or if you should bring your own.
Remember to oil-up before and throughout the event to support your mood, sociability, and so others can notice how great you smell 🙂 Good luck and have a great time.  Just be yourself and others will be drawn to authenticity and your passion for the oils and the wellness they can create.
vendor event packing list

Which Diffuser Is Right For You?

When choosing which Premium Starter Kit to order, consider which diffuser is best for you. You have a choice between the Dewdrop Diffuser, Bamboo Diffuser, Rainstone Diffuser, or the Aria Diffuser. Each is awesome for diffusing in your home, and we highly recommend you read the instruction manual that comes with it. Today we will go over some basics for each diffuser to help you choose which is best for you and to help you get started right away when your kit arrives.


  • Covers about 325 square feet.
  • Uses spring water or tap water.
  • Has an ambient blue light that is great as a nightlight.
  • Fill with water to just under the red dot, add desired essential oils, and return lids (making sure to line up the top lid with the notch on the back).
  • Press the button once to start the diffuser, and it will run for about 3-4 hours.
  • Press again and it will turn off the light.
  • Press once more to turn the diffuser off.


  • Covers about 325 square feet.
  • Uses mineralized (tap) water.
  • Has an ambient light on the bottom of the diffuser
  • Fill to just under the red ball inside with tap water and add desired essential oils.
  • Use the switch on the power cord to choose between the 1 hour or 4 hour setting and the diffuser will automatically turn off after the allotted time.


  • Covers about 300 square feet.
  • Uses tap water.
  • Has multi-colored LED lights.
  • Close vent switch, fill to red dot with tap water using the included pouring cup, add desired essential oils, open vent switch, replace lid, and choose between 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 hour settings.
  • Control settings with the included remote.


  • Covers about 430 square feet.
  • Uses distilled water.
  • Has multi-colored LED lights, and can be connected to your smartphone to play music.
  • Fill to line with distilled water, add desired essential oils, return lid, and choose between 1, 2, 3, or 8 hour timer settings.
  • Control settings with the included remote.


This diffuser is no longer an option with the Premium Starter Kit, but a lot of our members already have it, so we included the information about it for you all to still know about your beloved Home Diffusers.

  • Covers about 225 square feet.
  • Uses distilled water.
  • Has an ambient light in the top which is a perfect nightlight for children’s bedrooms.
  • Fill to the fill line with distilled water and add desired essential oils.
  • Press the power button once and a green light will turn on. This means that it is on continuous diffusion and will last about 3 hours.
  • Press the power button a second time and a red light will turn on. This means it is on the intermittent setting. It will run for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. This is a great option to help the oils last longer as it will run about 6 hours.
  • At either setting you can press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn off the top light. This is very nice if you are using in a bedroom at night and don’t want the light to disturb your sleep.

We hope this has helped make your Premium Starter Kit diffuser decision, and will help you feel confident to start using it as soon as it arrives in your mailbox. We love diffusing all types of oils in our home, and I know you will too!

If you don’t have the Young Living Premium Starter Kit yet and want to learn more, go here or ask the person who referred you to this page.

*If you have high mineral well water or toxic city water (full of chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, arsenic and other nasty ingredients —– we recommend using spring or distilled depending on which diffuser you have. Check out the Berkey water filtering system if you want to get clean healthy drinking water for your family!



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