Feel the Valentine's Day Romance with essential oils. www.lavenderngrace.com

Feel the Valentine’s Day Romance with Essential Oils

We like to say “there’s an oil for that” and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Wether you’re looking to curb that sweet tooth, enjoy a guilt-free treat, keep your hormones balanced, or have a little more heat in the bedroom; there really is an oil for that!

Wether you’re married, single, dating, separated, whatever; we all have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. I know that those years where I am with someone and he does something special, I LOVE it. However the years that I’m single or my man doesn’t put in the effort; those years I HATE it. But even on those days, there was encouragement in the chocolate sales on February 15. But February 16, there was the guilt and sickie feeling from overindulging.

So if you’re looking to curb that sweet tooth this year, you’re in luck! Check out these awesome essential oils to support a proper appetite.

Curb those cravings with Young Living Essential Oils! www.lavenderngrace.com


So maybe a little treat is a good thing. Chocolate can even help get you in the mood. So check out this awesome recipe! These truffles are OH-SO-YUMMY and won’t undo all your New Year’s Resolution work. They even contain essential oils to support your immune system during these winter months.

Enjoy this sweet treat on Valentine's Day guilt-free! www.lavenderngrace.com

Now that you’ve enjoyed your dessert, it’s time to head to the bedroom. *wink* After all that’s the gift your man really wants. We live in a crazy, crazy world and sometimes that’s easier said than done. So check out these great essential oils to help you unwind and forget about work/kids, support hormonal balance & libido, and take it up a notch with our DIY personal lubricant.

Unwind and relax to forget about your busy day, so you can enjoy your Valentine's day night with these essential oils. www.lavenderngrace.comHave a happy Valentine's Day with these oils to support hormonal balance. www.lavenderngrace.com Have a happy Valentine's Day with these oils to support a healthy libido! www.lavenderngrace.com Enjoy your Valentine's Day night with this amazing DIY Personal Lubricant. www.lavenderngrace.com


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