Winter Car Necessities

Don’t say it too loud, but winter is coming…again. It’s time to get started preparing your car with everything you would need in case of an emergency.

At the end of the article you’ll find our printable checklist, so you can make sure you’re ready. Also make sure to watch our YouTube video as Brittany packs her car!

Think of something we missed? We’d love to hear more ideas, comment below to share!


First, you need the basics.

Rope, carabiner, jumper cables, a rechargeable jumper, pocket knife, compass, duct & electrical tape, waterproof matches, flashlights, tarp, shovel, basic tool kit, and a basic first-aid kit.

We also suggest adding these great natural items to your first-aid kit: arnica, activated charcoal capsules, cayenne pepper capsules, and a DIY first-aid salve.

You also need some snacks in case you are stuck for an extended time. Great ideas for snacks are bottled water (coconut water would also be great in warm climates), granola bars, trail mix, supergreen powder, Ningxia Red, and Ningxia Nitro.

Next you need to be prepared with our favorite must-have Young Living essential oils. Thieves, lavender, peppermint, DiGize, Purification, Stress Away, En-R-Gee, helicrysm, Deep Relief, Lemongrass, and the Thieves Spray. When using oils it is also important to have some reference material, so a Pocket Reference Guide is great!

Don’t have these awesome oils? Don’t put it off, you need them. Find out more here.

If you’re in a warm climate, we are happy for you. But for those of us in the midwest, here are a few more items to make sure you have for the cold months. Extra hats, scarves, and mittens (waterproof is great too). Blankets (thermal or regular warm blankets), a thermal tent, snow shovel, a window ice scraper, and sand or kitty litter to help get out if you get stuck.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this list. It is so important to the safety of your family to always be prepared. Making the effort to pack your car now could make the difference in an emergency situation. Comment below with your favorites to pack!

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Road Trip Must-Have Essential Oils

We recently went on a week-long road trip to the east coast. That is a LOT of driving, and here is my list of Must-Haves for any trip. We used each and every of these during our trip and I am so glad I packed them all.

For an oil-addict it is hard to not pack every oil I own, so this is the short list. Great graphic on the bottom with a checklist you can go through when packing for your next vacation.

Thieves: Everyone needs an extra immune system boost when staying up late, going into lots of public places, etc. I loved drinking Thieves in my morning coffee in the car.

Joy: Because sometimes you get lost and need a little emotional support.

Valor: This one is great for emotional support for me to ease my nerves when encountering lots of crowds and strangers in social settings.

DiGize: Road trip snacks….enough said.

Immune boost roller: We like to mix some of our favorite immune supporting oils and keeping them in a handy roller bottle so we can roll right on our feet each morning before we head out for the day.

Thieves spray: This spray is awesome to spray all over your hotel room, think remotes, doorknobs, everywhere!

Citrus fresh & Grapefruit: These are my two favorites to drink in my water throughout the day. Delicious and great at keeping my energy up.

Purification: We liked putting purification blend on a cotton ball in the air vent to keep the car smelling fresh.

Peppermint: So many uses for peppermint! This is my husband’s favorite to take in a capsule after a big meal, but it’s also essential to keep as a “wake-me-up” for those long driving hours.

Lavender: We spent many hours in the sun during our trip, so we loved having lavender to apply to soothe and refresh our skin.

Travel diffuser: The little white thing in the center of the photo is my hand-held diffuser, you can also find some that fit in a cup holder and plug into the cigarette lighter.

Stress away: Because sometimes you get stuck in traffic….for a long time.

RC: Driving with the window down can invite in lots of different pollens and pollutants, we love to breath in some RC to maintain our respiratory health.

Oregano: This is a power-house for supporting your immune system. We took it in a capsule after a few extra late nights to keep our immune system top notch.

Frankincense: Frankincense is my favorite oil, so I couldn’t go anywhere without it. I loved adding a drop to my neti pot saline rinse to keep my sinuses nice and clear.

Tea tree (melaleuca a.): Tea tree is awesome for supporting the skin and we applied to non-cystic acne so our vacation photos had great glowing skin.

Deep relief: Long hours in the car can lead to some achy muscles. Deep relief comes with a convenient roller top so you can easily apply to shoulders, temples, back, etc.

PanAway: Not pictured, but with similar uses as Deep relief we love having both to choose from for soothing muscles and joints after a long day.

Ningxia red & Ningxia nitro: Not pictured, but I loved having my packets of Ningxia red to drink on-the-go for the mornings I didn’t have time to grab a breakfast. Ningxia nitro is also amazing at giving me a long even energy boost and I would drink it on those extra busy days to keep up with my husband.
road trip checklist

DIY Bite Buster

We love to do as much outdoors as we can during the short Wisconsin summer months. Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, and more. The scenery here is so beautiful, but along with the trees and sun also comes lovely little creatures.

These little winged guys are such an annoyance, but even worse can annoy our skin long after coming back indoors. There are lots of things we all try to ease the skin discomfort and some essential oils are so great for the skin!

I personally love to use straight purification, but having a blend pre-mixed in a roller bottle is so convenient and already diluted for the kiddos. This DIY Bite Buster roller bottle recipe is SO quick and easy to make. You can probably do it within a minute! A must-have to pack in your camping gear.

BiteBuster blog.png

DIY Deodorant

Have you ever struggled with confidence because of regular body odor. Some of us just have a naturally stronger aroma than others. I thought I had tried everything and had just given up, but then I found this recipe and love it!

When I ordered my Young Living Premium Starter Kit, I saw a DIY Deodorant recipe from the Young Living blog on pinterest. I decided to give it a try, and guess what, it worked better than any other!

With this recipe I only need to use once a day! My clothes aren’t getting yellow stains, I’m staying dry, have confidence to hug, and more. It’s amazing how such a seemingly tiny factor can impact so much of your life!

Not to mention all the junk that is in the products on the store shelves. I am so relieved to have found a recipe that is not only effective, but also safe!

It takes only a few minutes and a handful of ingredients to make. You could switch the essential oil out for a different scent if you don’t have as much odor as I do. I like Purification best because of its ability to cleanse and purify. Plus it smells great! Just make sure you are using Young Living’s 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Since this is going on your skin, it will be absorbed into your body as well. So using the highest quality and safest oils out there is so important.

To learn more about why we use exclusively Young Living, and how to get started and get your essential oils for the best price click on “Getting Started with Essential Oils.”



DIYDeodorant Blog.png



Things to note: Some people experience a detox effect on their underarms when first starting this new deodorant. This is because after years of using toxic products your body will try to get them all out. This can cause irritation to the area. Just use less and slowly until this passes (usually 1-2 weeks). Make sure to test the recipe on a small area before using over the entire underarm to see how your body reacts. If you continue to have discomfort also consider using less, or no, baking soda and substituting with arrowroot powder for a gentler recipe.

DIY Outdoor Spray

We live in Wisconsin, so we need to take advantage of the outdoors when the weather is warm! We love to be outdoors as much as we can during the summer months for camping, fishing, swimming, etc.

Living toxin-free is very important to us, but we still need to protect ourselves from outdoor annoyances. No one likes swatting at the air like a crazy person, haha.

This recipe is so easy and quick and we have had some great results using it. We reapply often since it can quickly dry off the skin, so use as often as desired. I love knowing it is safe and effective even for my littlest kids.

DIY Outdoor Spray Recipe


outdoor spray blog.png





Which Diffuser Is Right For You?

When choosing which Premium Starter Kit to order, consider which diffuser is best for you. You have a choice between the Dewdrop Diffuser, Bamboo Diffuser, Rainstone Diffuser, or the Aria Diffuser. Each is awesome for diffusing in your home, and we highly recommend you read the instruction manual that comes with it. Today we will go over some basics for each diffuser to help you choose which is best for you and to help you get started right away when your kit arrives.


  • Covers about 325 square feet.
  • Uses spring water or tap water.
  • Has an ambient blue light that is great as a nightlight.
  • Fill with water to just under the red dot, add desired essential oils, and return lids (making sure to line up the top lid with the notch on the back).
  • Press the button once to start the diffuser, and it will run for about 3-4 hours.
  • Press again and it will turn off the light.
  • Press once more to turn the diffuser off.


  • Covers about 325 square feet.
  • Uses mineralized (tap) water.
  • Has an ambient light on the bottom of the diffuser
  • Fill to just under the red ball inside with tap water and add desired essential oils.
  • Use the switch on the power cord to choose between the 1 hour or 4 hour setting and the diffuser will automatically turn off after the allotted time.


  • Covers about 300 square feet.
  • Uses tap water.
  • Has multi-colored LED lights.
  • Close vent switch, fill to red dot with tap water using the included pouring cup, add desired essential oils, open vent switch, replace lid, and choose between 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 hour settings.
  • Control settings with the included remote.


  • Covers about 430 square feet.
  • Uses distilled water.
  • Has multi-colored LED lights, and can be connected to your smartphone to play music.
  • Fill to line with distilled water, add desired essential oils, return lid, and choose between 1, 2, 3, or 8 hour timer settings.
  • Control settings with the included remote.


This diffuser is no longer an option with the Premium Starter Kit, but a lot of our members already have it, so we included the information about it for you all to still know about your beloved Home Diffusers.

  • Covers about 225 square feet.
  • Uses distilled water.
  • Has an ambient light in the top which is a perfect nightlight for children’s bedrooms.
  • Fill to the fill line with distilled water and add desired essential oils.
  • Press the power button once and a green light will turn on. This means that it is on continuous diffusion and will last about 3 hours.
  • Press the power button a second time and a red light will turn on. This means it is on the intermittent setting. It will run for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. This is a great option to help the oils last longer as it will run about 6 hours.
  • At either setting you can press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn off the top light. This is very nice if you are using in a bedroom at night and don’t want the light to disturb your sleep.

We hope this has helped make your Premium Starter Kit diffuser decision, and will help you feel confident to start using it as soon as it arrives in your mailbox. We love diffusing all types of oils in our home, and I know you will too!

If you don’t have the Young Living Premium Starter Kit yet and want to learn more, go here or ask the person who referred you to this page.

*If you have high mineral well water or toxic city water (full of chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, arsenic and other nasty ingredients —– we recommend using spring or distilled depending on which diffuser you have. Check out the Berkey water filtering system if you want to get clean healthy drinking water for your family!



Untitled Infographic (1).png

Do’s and Don’ts of Essential Oils

What's your favorite oilor Young Living


If you’re new to essential oils, it can seem overwhelming. There is so much to learn, and you’re bound to learn a few things the hard way. (Like when I first got Oregano and put it on a pimple neat. It worked really well, but I never read the label to know I should have diluted it first. I didn’t have any reaction, but it sure felt hot!) So let us keep you from making some of the same mistakes we did by reading some of our favorite DOs and DON’Ts to get you started.


  • Read your bottle labels! Each label lists the ingredients and how to use safely.


  • Lots of your own research! There is so much to learn, so get some resources, read lots of things in the member resources of your virtual office, etc. It’s time to take charge of your health on your own.


  • Ask your uplines questions. That’s exactly what we are here for! We can help direct you to great resources, books, websites, studies, classes to attend, and more to help you.


  • Host a class. These oils are amazing and there are so many people who still know nothing about them. Having an upline teach a class for you is a great way to share them with friends and family who could also benefit from essential oils. Also, if the cost is a concern a class is a great option to help earn back your investment in the starter kit. For each new member who orders a Premium Starter Kit at your class, Young Living will send you a $50 thank you check! Read more in our “3 and FREE” post.


  • Find some fun DIY recipes to replace common items. Pinterest is flooded with DIY recipes and we even post some of our favorites on our blog. We have been able to replace lip balm, deodorant, bug repellant, and much more with cheaper and healthier versions made with our Young Living essential oils!


  • Signup for Essential Rewards! To get your Young Living products for the best value learn more about ER. Reduced shipping, exclusive kit pricing, monthly promotions, and earning points back toward free products are some perks of this monthly order program. Learn more in our post all about Essential Rewards.


  • Get a reference guide and use it. Life Science Publishers & Amazon both sell some great ones!


  • Share your oily love with others. Have a testimonial or someone asking what that smell is? Share! You could change a life by just casually talking to your friends and family about what you are experiencing and learning.


  • Test new oils topically  on a small, discrete area before using over large areas of your body. Some of us have more sensitive skin, may be allergic to citrus, or could have a detox effect when using oils topically. So test carefully first to see how your skin reacts to the new oil.


  • Dilute “hot” oils. Each label will specifically tell you how much to dilute the oil for aromatic, topical, and/or internal use. Specifically make sure to dilute hot/spicy oils such as Thieves, oregano, lemongrass, peppermint, and more.


  • Attend Young Living events. We have a great community in the oily world. If you are local to our area there are monthly events to help you share the Premium Starter Kit with friends, learn more about new products, learn about business building, and more. Contact your uplines or check our Events Tab to learn about upcoming opportunities.



  • Start diffusing with the recommended 6-12 drops. If you are new to therapeutic grade essential oils, you will soon learn just how potent they are. We found that it is helpful to start with 2-4 drops of essential oil in your diffuser and then you can increase as you learn how much you prefer for your home.


  • Put essential oils in ears, eyes, or other sensitive mucus membrane areas. (avoid oils getting in these areas!)


  • Flush eyes or wash off oils with water. If you experience a skin sensitivity or get an oil in your eye never rinse with water. Oil and water do not mix and will only push the oil in deeper and faster. Instead opt for a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or V-6 Complex to slow the absorption.


  • Be afraid to use your kit. When your kit comes in the mail it can be intimidating and people will let it sit in the box unsure of where to start. The oils will do no good sitting in the box, so do some research and start trying one oil a week to see what you like.


  • Put on “neat” after a bath or shower. When you take a bath/shower your skin pores open up. This means that the oils will absorb more quickly, so a carrier oil is helpful to slow the absorption so you don’t experience any skin sensitivity.


  • Believe everything you read on the internet or hear from others. There are lots of viewpoints out there and lots of information that is not backed by research of quality oils. If you ever question something you learn compare it to the Young Living literature, your reference guide, and look into what is backing up the information. There is a lot of “bad” research out their on oils.


  • Use in a bath without epsom salts. Baths are a great way to use your essential oils, but oil and water don’t mix so they will sit on top of the water if added by themselves. We like to mix our essential oils with epsom salts before adding to bath water to help them evenly disperse through the water.


This is just scratching the surface, but a great intro list of things to consider when beginning your essential oil journey. Essential oils are very powerful and should be used responsibly. Welcome to the oily lifestyle!